Welcome to TWINKLE BOOKS, a foreign rights agency specialized in children's books translations licenses. 

And also but not only:

A place where foreign books for children are nursed with care and passion before they take off for their new adventure in one of Czech and Slovak publishing houses.

Twinkle Books Agency

✔️ the first Czech literary agency specialised in foreign rights just for children's literature

Twinkle Books Agency is the agency based in the Czech Republic that focuses on representing children's books from all around the world and selling their translation rights to Czech and Slovak publishers. The agency was founded by Tereza Parizkova, a screenwriter and a children's books writer. 

Tereza sailed the world on cruise ships where she worked with children and had the best time during the story times, reading and observing the open ocean. She worked with children nearly all her life and she keeps their enthusiasm and passion for things (or she has never allowed herself to lose it).  

In summer 2019, another dream came true when Tereza opened a children's bookstore in her hometown Olomouc, Czech Republic. 


Professional and Caring

You call it a job? We call it a dream comes true plus a lot of fun! We support our business partners with all resource materials and help them to make a perfect deal - big book time!


Keen on details

We search the current trends every day and it makes us more than happy to share them with you. Looking for a great seller children's book? Or two? Let's see what we have for you.


We are readers, too

We care about every single title that we represent. We meet with young readers which helps us to understand their needs. And be aware, we get easily excited about great books

Our Partners in "not publishing this book in Czech or Slovak language would be a crime!"

We proudly introduce Publishers and Literary Agencies that we represent

We are happy to present the growing list of publishing houses and literary agencies whose amazing books for children, middle grade, and YA readers we offer to Czech and Slovakian publishers.